Kayla's Testimonials

I got a reading from Kayla a few months ago, it was an incredible experience. She always made sure I was understanding everything, and if I was okay and comfortable. she was very comforting and kind.

- Breanne Desrochers

A few months ago I had gotten a reading done by Kayla, I remember that I found the reading to be extremely accurate and very eye opening for me. There wasn’t anything that she had said that I couldn’t relate to. I remember identifying with the cards extremely well & recognizing the spirits that had come through each time. I recall feeling a sense of calmness or bliss after the reading that lasted for a few days after, almost as though I had been cleansed. I would most definitely recommend going to see either of them, and I look forward to going back for another session in the future!

- Natalie Desrochers

I completed Kayla’s Reiki course and highly recommend it! She is a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. I left with a clear understanding of how to practice Reiki and since then have been actively practicing Reiki and booking clients. 5/5 *

-Sarah Tetrault