Monique's Testimonials

My experience with Monique's reading was amazingly accurate! She used her medium skills to connect me with my mother - with much validation that it was her! It was very therapeutic for me and left me feeling energized! I can not wait until next time I come back to see her and reach out to more loved ones that have passed. I'm forever grateful for the pleasure of meeting Monique and her sharing her skills with me.

- Sandra Carson

Loosing both my parents by the time I was in my late 30s was not something I would’ve ever thought would happen to me. By the time I lost my mother suddenly, I felt a loss that I couldn’t describe. As a gift from a close friend, she sent me to Monique. All Monique knew about me was my first name. She brought forward details that were very distinct to my mother that I only knew about. Monique helped me start to heal when I didn’t think it was possible. I just had my second reading and it was just as good as the first. Several family members came through. I couldn’t recommend her enough and as long as you have your mind open, your healing and connections with your loved one will begin.

Erica Mahoo

Having a personal session with a Medium has always been on my wish list and this year I finally got to cross it off twice!!!! My first time was with my mom and Monique had us both crying within 5 minutes! It was so emotional & touching. Monique was able to connect us with many family members and we will always be grateful for this unforgettable experience! I was so impressed with Monique's skills and passion that I brought 2 girlfriends a couple months later! The session was just as emotional as the first and I definitely plan to go see Monique again in the future! Thank you for opening my eyes to the spiritual world. 


I went recently for a psychic/medium reading with Monique and was blown away. The way she could read me and connect with my aura and my spirit guides around me was outstanding. She was very welcoming, calming, nonjudgemental and always very concerned with making sure I was comfortable and fully understood everything coming through to me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking on learning about yourself and connecting with your past loved ones. She’s the best of the best at what she does. Will definitely be going back soon!


I recently had a reading with Monique she was amazing I went in there feeling lost and came out with a whole new path. She connected with my loved ones so well . I came out of there inspired . I can’t wait to see her again . I highly recommend Monique .


“My reading was surreal and very accurate.  I did not want the session to end.  I would highly recommend it!!  Natalie."

Monique's Testimonials

In February this year, I met Monique for a reading and medium session. I was stunned at how correct she was about stuff that had happened in my life from my childhood till then. What astonished me the most was how she was gracefully able to connect with my late mom and sister, communicate with them and give me closure and peace on some very personal things that I had wished over the years to have heard from them had they been alive today. I am nothing but grateful to her for everything she was able to do and highly recommend her to anyone who's open minded to try it out. Thank you so much Monique!!

Chris Okello 

I highly recommend getting a reading from Monique –  I gained a new perspective on loved one's that have passed, surprised, and filled with joy and tears.  What I came away with was a deeper understanding and enlightenment of my loved one's ,and direction I need to pursue. In many ways I feel so much better inside and out. I look forward to my next visit with Monique.

Penny Hopgood

I Loved working with Monique! She was very clear and compassionate when helping me through my first reading. In one of our sessions, Monique helped me connect with my brother who had committed suicide. She was very sensitive and compassionate when communicating to me his point of view about his death as well as wanting my family to know that he is well and at peace. Working with her has really helped me to get closure and a clearer understanding of the support I have on the other side. I am so happy to have worked with Monique!

Ashley Scott

Monique is a wonderful & very gifted medium/ mentor Who also has such a warm and friendly personality which instantly put me at ease. The evidence that monique gave me was so acurate for me that I really did feel held in a space of love and healing all through my readings. I can't recommend monique highly enough! 

Many blessings

Donna Kelly  Fortwilliam,Scotland 

I had never had a medium reading prior to my reading with Monique. Although considering myself an open minded spiritual person I was naturally hesitant about the connections I may or may not make - I came out of the reading reassured but not surprised! Monique was able to connect me with my grandfather who has been gone for almost 20 years. She was able to relay a message and make connections that no one other than me or my family would know. Since the reading I have even dreamt of my grandpa for the first time in many years. After I dreamt of my grandpa I called my grandma to tell her about it and she replied with how she had been dreaming of him recently too. Regardless of your spiritual belief Monique & her daughter Kayla have only brought positive energy to me & my family  !

Melissa Lintick

Wow! My reading with Monique was awesome! She described my Grandfather and my Father perfectly!

I’ve had readings done by many different people, Monique was very good, accurate and very professional .

Pattie O’Neill

Monique's Testimonials

I have seen Monique twice now, once solo and once with my partner. Both sessions she exceeded my expectations as she deeply moved both myself and my skeptic other half with the accuracy of her intuition. Her authenticity and love for her work shines through her candid presence. She goes to great lengths to make her “sitters” feel relaxed, comfortable and safe from beginning to end. I would recommend these services to anyone, regardless of where their beliefs lie. 🌸

Nell Nore

I cannot recommend Monique enough, she gave me an incredible evidential reading. What she brought through to me was incredible. There were some very difficult events from my loved ones passings and Monique brought this through. I give her 5 full stars and if i could give her more i would. Extremely gifted and very kind. A+++

Lorraine Michelle